Cristián Matetic


Cristián Matetic is an agricultural engineer at the Catholic University. In 2010 he created Aviasur, a civil aviation services company, where he served as executive director in the beginning, supporting both its installation in the Chilean market and developing new lines of service that could provide a solution to civil aviation needs in Chile. He has also made his own ventures: in 2012 he participated as a capitalist partner of Coiron Inc., a service that offers 3D solutions, virtual reality and augmented reality for the Broadcast industry. The 2015 co-founds VRIDGE, a digital area company that delivers real-time solutions using these same technologies. Both ventures based in California, USA. At the moment he participates as a director in different companies: Aviasur (aviation industry), Carnes Ñubles (meat marketing industry), Matetic Wine Group (Vitivinicola industry) and Patagonia Camp (tourism industry).