Economic Inclusion in Latin America

Submitted on Wed, April 12, 2017

Te invitamos a conocer los proyectos de estos 14 Ashoka Fellows  que buscan enfrentar los problemas sociales y difundir oportunidades económicas a las millones de personas que viven en o por debajo de la linea de pobreza. 
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The final Summit of this Globalizer cohort is coming up!
Read the press release here or download the PDF version here.



Building on the success of the first two Globalizers on Economic Inclusion in Latin America we are now launching the 3rd round on this critical topic. Once again Ashoka will partner with the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Hystra and CAF to support social entrepreneurs in Latin America working for economic inclusion.



The Globalizer Summit will take place in Santiago, Chile, from June 15-18, 2017 and will bring together leading Ashoka Fellows with globally scalable innovations for poverty alleviation. Their solutions will mainly be market-driven, have proven track records and involve entire communities to alleviate poverty. Further topics that will be explored and built on at this Summit include strengthening financial mechanisms and corporative structures across the region to increase the impact of inclusive businesses.



These social entrepreneurs are a new generation of leaders that are taking impact to the next level, where ultimate scale is reached through systemic change.

The Globalizer provides them with the structure and strategic resources they need to develop a broad and efficient scale. Each social entrepreneur is matched with global business leaders and consultants who help them develop their impact strategy during a 3-month advisory period. This process culminates with the Globalizer Summit in Chile in June.

At the Summit, the social entrepreneurs work with business executives and entrepreneurs, who offer new perspective and strategic support to further refine their scaling strategies, work out critical challenges and have key doors opened.





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