Ecosystem Grant Fund 


On February 28th Ashoka with the support of the eBay Foundation, GIZ and the German Ministry for Development (BMZ) brought together more than 20 international Social Entrepreneurs with leading innovations that economically include people in low-income markets. Together with 130 stakeholders from the business, social and public sector they collectively identified major barriers in the Economic Inclusion Ecosystem that hinder social innovations to scale their impact (Ecosystem Barriers). Learn more about the participants and outcomes here>>.

At the same day GIZ, German Ministry for Development (BMZ) and eBay Foundation launched a grant fund (4x 25k Euros) to support new meso-level solutions that tackle the identified scaling barriers for social entrepreneurs, especially those broadening the access for social entrepreneurs to Finance, Talent/HR, Data/Information and Value Chains/Market Linkages. In total, 29 proposals were submitted until April 1st out of which 11 were shortlisted and 5 selected as final winners. A list of all submitted proposals can be found here>>.


The winners:

1. Community Enterprise Solution’s proposal “”, an online marketplace for impact products targeting low-income populations (see beta version on, CATEGORY: MARKET LINKAGES

2. Njambre’s proposal “TecXac: ERP Solution for Economic Inclusion“, a software tool helping Community Based Enterprises to better source data from their customers and therefore plan their income and other resources more effectively, CATEGORY: DATA/INFORMATION

3. Drishtee Foundation’s proposal “Social Immersion”, a bottom-up process sourcing the real needs of low-income communities injecting them directly into the design process of BoP products and services of MNCs/NGOs/Social Enterprises, CATEGORY: VALUE CHAINS

The fourth prize is shared by two proposals that reached the same total score:

4. Karmany/Niiti Consulting’s proposal “Clearing the Uncertainty of Working in the Social Sector”, a web-based tool that helps social organizations assess and evaluate their talent management and that equips professionals to make an informed career shift into the social sector , CATEGORY: DATA/INFORMATION

4. Villgro Innovations Foundation’s proposal “Scaling Initiative”, an electronic platform aggregating and standardizing Villgro’s processes, tools, techniques and methods for Incubating Social Enterprises and share it with other BoP focused Incubators in India and beyond, CATEGORY: FINANCE

In the name of Ashoka, GIZ/BMZ and eBay Foundation we would like to thank all the submitting parties for their creative work and strong commitment that they put into their proposals. We congratulate all winners and thank all participants of the Globalizer Ecosystem Day for their valuable contribution to this project!


The Jury Members:

Amy Millington – eBay Foundation
Susanne Dorasil – Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Sonja Kurz – Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Vishnu Swaminathan – Ashoka India
Nadine Freeman - Ashoka Globalizer

(Moderator: Michael Vollmann – Ashoka Globalizer)