Ecosystem Day

Chennai / India, February 28th, 2014

The Globalizer Summit on Economic Inclusion will convene 20 very experienced Social Entrepreneurs from India, Africa and the Americas (see online profiles of participating Social Entrepreneurs>>) whose proven inclusive business models engage people – living at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP) – in economic value chains as consumers, producers, and micro-entrepreneurs. In the process of supporting low-income entrepreneurs – and/or increasing access to sorely needed products and services in low-income segments – these inclusive business models offer great promise to enable business growth and creating economic opportunity and better standards of living for the poor.

Yet, environmental conditions at the BoP are extremely challenging, with significant gaps in the institutional, informational and infrastructural conditions required to make markets work. These environmental challenges are too systemic to be solved by a single social entrepreneur or inclusive business, alone. This is why several initiatives are trying to strengthen the Ecosystem from the macro level top-down. Thus, too little is known and done to strengthen innovative individual approaches, project based alliances and platforms at the meso-level – spanning a wide range of market players in business, government, and civil society – which also bear a good chance of overcoming systemic barriers to scale the impact of Social Entrepreneurs.

At this first day of the Globalizer Summit, the so called "Ecosystem Day" Ashoka, eBay Foundation, GIZ’s Inclusive Business Action Network want to:

- map-out and deepen the understanding of the existing ecosystem barriers for Social Entrepreneurs to scale their impact at the BoP
- highlight existing best practice examples of innovative private initiatives by single Social Entrepreneurs to build their own solutions to overcome ecosystem barriers at the micro-level (e.g. payment-/ certification systems, customer finance schemes etc.)
- learn from and support existing (and furthermore encourage the emergence of new) project based alliances and platforms between different market players at the meso-level benefiting multiple Social Entrepreneurs

Collective Ecosystem Solutions will be elegible to apply for the Ecosystem Grant Fund given out by GIZ and eBay Foundation.

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