Ashoka Globalizer Fellows - Health and Lighting

Country: Kenya
Field of Work: Health

The majority of Kenyans do not have access to health insurance due to prohibitive pricing and an outdated coverage model that predominantly caters to formally employed individuals. Sam Agutu is revolutionizing the health insurance industry by leveraging mobile technology platforms to allow individuals to electronically...

Country: United Kingdom
Field of Work: Health
Country: Italy
Field of Work: Health

Although stroke is often perceived as occurring primarily among the elderly, it also strikes infants, and can even occur before birth. It is one of the top ten causes of death for children, yet public awareness is extremely low, early detection is limited, and rehabilitation is inadequate. Francesca has applied some of...

Country: Switzerland
Field of Work: Health

Caroline has created a new way forward for existing drugs to be developed in rare diseases, ultimately bring treatments to these underserved patients at an affordable cost. She is accelerating the cost-effective development of unexplored therapeutic opportunities in rare diseases by addressing key translational gaps and...

Country: Japan
Field of Work: Health

Takashi Kawazoe is extending access to health care in Japan through new career paths for nurses working outside hospital walls. A key element of his approach is a system of self-check medical stations where patients access information about their health and preventative health measures; quickly, inexpensively, and...

Country: Thailand
Field of Work: Health

Kongkiat Kespechara has developed a management information system that is focused on the information needs of small hospitals in rural areas. His software, Hospital OS, is an open source technology that is enabling those hospitals to use their limited resources more effectively and to design new and improved services...

Country: Brazil
Field of Work: Health

Dr. Roberto Kikawa has developed an affordable and sustainable system that is bringing teams of medical professionals to offer healthcare and health education services to low-income rural communities in Brazil.

Country: Uganda
Field of Work: Environment

While privatization of electricity generation and distribution has increased electricity supplies in Uganda, it has also increased tariffs so that low- and middle-income households cannot afford energy for basic needs. Katherine Lucey is addressing this issue by concentrating on women as key agents in distributing and...

Country: Indonesia
Field of Work: Economic Development

By creating economic incentives and financing programs to unlock the power of hydro, Tri Mumpuni is helping rural Indonesia realize its best option for a reliable power supply.

Country: India
Field of Work: Health

Realising that there will never be sufficient doctors to treat patients in India individually, Sujay is completely changing the healthcare system from an individualized curative model, to a community based preventive healthcare system to ensure holistic well being of communities. He is doing this through ICT for low-...