Ashoka Globalizer Fellows - Youth Empowerment

Country: Bangladesh
Field of Work: Civic Engagement

To combat the lack of social mobility in Bangladesh, Ejaj has identified segregated schools as a root cause of this stratification. Ejaj is developing a new generation of youth leaders from diverse sections of society, who are working towards social cohesion and change in their country.

Country: United States
Field of Work: Health

Tomas Alvarez is making mental health and wellness services more accessible, useful, and meaningful for youth of color by integrating pop culture and community-defined strategies with proven therapy models.

Country: India
Field of Work: Civic Engagement, Field of Work: Human Rights, Field of Work: Learning/Education

Paramita believes communities living in red light areas in India continue to experience the highest rate of violence and abuse, not just because of external perceptions, but also because of internalized sights of disempowerment. By putting the local youth in charge of change, Paramita has completely stopped forced...

Country: Germany
Field of Work: Civic Engagement

By mobilizing a diverse group of actors from the national press to management consultants to university sports students, Heather Cameron is using boxing and self-defense training to help girls and young women develop the confidence, self-efficacy, and leadership skills to create strong inclusive communities.

Country: South Africa
Field of Work: Health

Tim is working with disadvantaged township communities in coastal areas to stabilize the emotional well-being of young people who have experienced trauma (and safeguard those at risk)  by introducing new social structures and an integrated network of peers, to help them deal with the effects of traumatic life...

Country: France
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Still healing from the 2015 terrorist attacks, France faces increasing tensions between people from all religions. Samuel is pioneering a new and in-between way to deal with faith diversity in our society while respecting the core founding principle of secularism in the French Republic. Shaping a generation of open-...

Country: Spain
Field of Work: Learning/Education

José María Luzarraga is building an international community of teampreneurs and young leading changemakers through the definition and implementation of a new vision of education. At Mondragon Team Academy 50% of graduates take on entrepreneurial activities, compared to 1-2% of alumni from traditional studies, while 97%...

Country: Turkey
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Abdullah is building an empowerment path for youth from state institutions to integrate with society as equal citizens, to develop essential life skills and ultimately become leaders and participants in social change. He is also intervening at Turkey’s closed and problematic orphanage and state childcare system by...

Country: Norway
Field of Work: Civic Engagement

As a rally professional at an international level, Knut Ove Børseth had many fans. He early identified that many of them belonged to a vulnerable group of youth at risk of dropping out of school and isolated from society, looking for a sense of belonging. Knut Ove identified with this group and realized that he could...

Country: South Korea
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Yuhyun Park is empowering young children around the world to become responsible digital citizens by helping them to build the fundamental skills of respect, self-confidence, and empathy through fun and interactive learning activities.