Ashoka Globalizer Fellows -

Country: Canada

Jean-François is fighting hunger and nutritional deficiencies by creating initiatives so that chefs can address social and environmental issues in their work. He helps chefs get involved by distributing the excess food from their restaurants, preparing meals for the needy, and training young people in healthy eating...

Country: Venezuela
Field of Work: Human Rights

Gaby Arenas is breaking the patterns of violence at home, school, and in communities. Through her TAAP Foundation, she manages to promote peaceful coexistence, generate projects for social development, and ventures that increase the welfare of communities. Gaby uses play, imagination, and art as tools to develop...

Country: Uruguay
Field of Work: Health

Ana Luisa Arocena is developing an integral approach to dealing with toxic waste management in Uruguay. She is creating new technologies to recycle and dispose of hazardous materials in responsible ways, while promoting transparency, spreading environmental and public health awareness, and creating decent jobs for waste...

Country: United States
Field of Work: Health

Dr. Sanjeev Arora is using communication technologies to dramatically reduce disparities in care in the United States for patients with common chronic diseases who do not have direct access to healthcare specialists.

Country: India
Field of Work: Economic Development

Ved Arya’s new model for rural development relies on collaboration between government, citizen organizations, donor agencies, and private businesses. His hybrid organization works both as a consulting firm and a grassroots development agency.

Country: Kenya
Field of Work: Economic Development

Madison Ayer has launched Farm Shop, a non-profit Kenyan Trust, to transform the system for delivering agricultural inputs to rural, smallholder households. Farm Shop removes barriers in the “last mile” to improve the entire system for all stakeholders: Input suppliers, distributors, agro-dealers, and farmers. To...

Country: Mexico
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Raul Mendoza is unleashing creativity for social development in indigenous and low-income communities in Mexico. His organization, Germinalia, is using creative education and the transformation of public spaces into “spaces of possibility” to help individuals, especially young people, define their own identity and see...

Country: Brazil
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Rodrigo Baggio spearheads a rapidly growing movement to equip young people in low-income communities with computer skills and thus to expand their job opportunities and their access to modern society.

Country: Zambia
Field of Work: Economic Development

Sylvia Banda is working to combat the low demand for locally-produced, traditional food in Zambia by creating entrepreneurial hubs that guarantee markets for these goods and by fostering an appreciation for local food in both rural and urban areas. In this way, Sylvia is tackling the high levels of poverty in rural...

Country: India
Field of Work: Civic Engagement, Field of Work: Human Rights, Field of Work: Learning/Education

Paramita believes communities living in red light areas in India continue to experience the highest rate of violence and abuse, not just because of external perceptions, but also because of internalized sights of disempowerment. By putting the local youth in charge of change, Paramita has completely stopped forced...