Ashoka Globalizer Fellows -

Country: Peru
Field of Work: Civic Engagement

Stefan Kaspar is building the capacity for broad video literacy in the Andean region, creating both the infrastructure and the content to catalyze the engagement of a generation of otherwise information-marginalized citizens. He has created a network of microcinemas that reaches practically every corner of Peru....

Country: United States
Field of Work: Health

Jordan Kassalow is addressing the market-failure for affordable eye care in the developing world, and the resulting economic burden of vision disability by transforming the eyewear delivery system to ensure that every person has access to the glasses required to live a full, productive life.

Country: Japan
Field of Work: Health

Takashi Kawazoe is extending access to health care in Japan through new career paths for nurses working outside hospital walls. A key element of his approach is a system of self-check medical stations where patients access information about their health and preventative health measures; quickly, inexpensively, and...

Country: Mali
Field of Work: Economic Development

Alou Keita is reviving economically stagnant rural communities through a village banking system that provides a savings and loan scheme for villagers and an avenue for migrant workers living abroad to transfer money home.

Country: Ireland
Field of Work: Environment

Michael Kelly is catalyzing a nationwide movement to substantially increase the number of people growing their own food. He has resurrected the traditional Irish notion of the “meitheal,” a practice that builds a spirit of community by working collectively on individual projects—much like a barn-raising—to exponentially...

Country: Thailand
Field of Work: Health

Kongkiat Kespechara has developed a management information system that is focused on the information needs of small hospitals in rural areas. His software, Hospital OS, is an open source technology that is enabling those hospitals to use their limited resources more effectively and to design new and improved services...

Country: Germany
Field of Work: Health

Thorsten Kiefer harnesses the role model status of sport superstars, the power of fun, interactive gaming experiences and cutting edge communication to tackle persisting taboos and charge the “ugly” issues of sanitation and hygiene with positive emotion—in order to make improved solutions a shared aspiration and to...

Country: Brazil
Field of Work: Health

Dr. Roberto Kikawa has developed an affordable and sustainable system that is bringing teams of medical professionals to offer healthcare and health education services to low-income rural communities in Brazil.

Country: Canada
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Through "Right To Play," an athlete-driven international organization, Johann Olav Koss is working with children, youth and adult coaches in some of the most difficult circumstances in the world, such as refugee camps. His programs aim at bringing about behavioral changes and enhancing children's holistic development...

Country: India
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Brij Kothari has leveraged the ubiquitous presence of television in rural India and the billion-strong Indian population’s voracious appetite for film songs to infuse reading practice into entertainment. By creating a technological tool devoid of any major infrastructural inputs and hence easily replicable, Brij has...