Ashoka Globalizer Fellows -

Country: United States
Field of Work: Civic Engagement

In many of America’s schools, violence poses a significant threat to children’s safety and performance in class. Eric Dawson is counteracting this with a program that engages youth in peacemaking and conflict resolution. Peace Games brings together students, teachers, and volunteers to collectively change the status quo...

Country: Brazil
Field of Work: Economic Development

Fabio Rosa is working to bring electrical energy and community development to impoverished rural areas.

Country: El Salvador
Field of Work: Economic Development

Celina de Sola is accelerating community development by tearing down walls between government, business, and community groups, building a new culture of shared responsibility and cross-sector collaboration, rooted in trust.

Country: Afghanistan
Field of Work: Civic Engagement

Reza Deghati and his organization AINA are helping rebuild a strong and democratic civil society in Afghanistan through the development and diffusion of independent media. His models of rapid media training and “emergency education” focus on empowering women and children in particular and are now being replicated in...

Country: Spain
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Responding to the Spanish educational system that is rooted in standardized curricula and outdated pedagogical methods that emphasize rote memorization and passive learning, Montserrat del Pozo is building an educational reform movement in Spain and abroad connecting teachers, administrators, parents and both private...

Country: Czech Republic
Field of Work: Civic Engagement

Jeremy Druker is developing the foundations for professional journalism in two critical markets: Central Asia, where independent journalism is constantly under threat, and Central Europe, where there is a strong need for industry standards. By placing emerging local journalists at the center of independent and...

Country: Ireland
Field of Work: Environment

Brendan Dunford is creating a new approach to sustaining some of our most iconic and best loved landscapes by placing farmers at the creative center of developing and delivering key conservation actions.

Country: Mexico

Alex Eaton seeks to transform the waste and resource management culture among small Mexican producers through biodigester systems. Through relatively easy-to-use technology, farmers can convert animal waste, which they normally accumulate in their fields, into an odorless gas they can be used for cooking or for heating...

Country: Kenya
Field of Work: Economic Development, Field of Work: Health

Paige Elenson is equipping unemployed young people in Africa to develop as professionals and leaders to create economic opportunities by tapping into the multibillion dollar global wellness industry. By engaging young people in the development of the yoga market, Paige has created a model that incorporates self-...

Country: Uganda
Field of Work: Human Rights

Starting in the Teso sub-region of northern Uganda, Alice Emasu is transforming the social architecture of largely patriarchal rural communities by enabling women to be land owners. Alice believes that unlocking the ability of rural farming women to own land is absolutely critical to their economic development. ...