Ashoka Globalizer Fellows -

Country: Uganda
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Craig Esbeck improves the way young children in Uganda learn by equipping primary school teachers with learning aids that are affordable, culturally relevant, and engaging. He also provides the instruction and encouragement teachers need to use the aids effectively.

Country: Colombia
Field of Work: Health

Catalina Escobar has forged a unique three-way partnership among her citizen organization, key public hospitals, and the private sector to attack serious health problems in infants, children, and young mothers living in the most poverty stricken areas of Cartagena. Catalina’s program has already achieved astounding...

Country: Nigeria
Field of Work: Economic Development

In the midst of a youth unemployment crisis, Esther is positioning young Nigerians to improve their employability through career guidance and volunteer experiences while still in school, in order to assist youth in realizing their ambitions and to secure employment after graduation.

Country: Canada
Field of Work: Human Rights

In order to enhance the quality of life and the security of disabled persons, Al Etmanski, who is based in Vancouver, B.C., is weaving a safety net that can withstand both the death of their care-giving parents and the unpredictable changes in government-funded support services. Its strength derives from secured...

Country: Italy
Field of Work: Health

Although stroke is often perceived as occurring primarily among the elderly, it also strikes infants, and can even occur before birth. It is one of the top ten causes of death for children, yet public awareness is extremely low, early detection is limited, and rehabilitation is inadequate. Francesca has applied some of...

Country: Ireland
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Mike is creating an initiative to serve as the global source for online education at a time when community college is an underfunded and underdeveloped educational resource. His free form of online community college offers everything from computer courses to English classes, and opens up employment opportunities for...

Country: Mexico
Field of Work: Economic Development

Vicente Fenoll is creating an ecosystem for ethical banking in Mexico using innovative technology that allows both savers and receivers of microloans to transparently interact and drives costs down, and provides all users with financial education that will help them to make better financial decisions, leading to social...

Country: United States
Field of Work: Learning/Education

Casey Fenton is cultivating trust and appreciation of difference through a global travel community that facilitates one-on-one interactions with strangers, orchestrated at mass scale.

Country: Spain
Field of Work: Health

Andrés Martínez Fernández is improving the performance of rural healthcare systems in developing countries through creative, inexpensive telecommunication technologies and by engaging medical professionals and university faculty in new ways. The model he established has proven successful in over 170 centers and outposts...

Country: Argentina
Field of Work: Environment

Angie Ferrazzini is transforming production and consumption habits in Argentina to build sustainable communities by leveraging key stakeholders in the farm to table pipeline.