Globalizer Fellows at the Deutsche Welle Forum in Bonn

Submitted on Mon, March 21, 2016

Globalizer Fellows at the Deutsche Welle Forum in Bonn from June 22-24 2015


This year’s Deutsche Welle Forum discusses how media and communication technologies can open up new forms of political participation and facilitate more democratic decision-making structures.

Already for the third time, Ashoka Globalizer Fellows have been invited by Deutsche Welle to participate in this event with over 2.300 people from more than 130 nations attending. Globalizer will host an interactive corner, which serves as a platform for fellows to present their work and to discuss how they use media and communication technologies to empower civil society to influence decision makers.

Ashoka Fellows play a crucial role in the rapidly developing media sector. As new technologies allow for faster and more participative communication and people from all over the world are able to contribute to the story of change, a new paradigm is emerging. Whereas traditional, hierarchically built media outlets only slowly adapt to this rapidly changing world, Ashoka Fellows and other media innovators are already designing and deploying a disruptive communication architecture, where everyone contributes to free and open communication. Hamadou Tidiane Sy from Senegal, for example, has founded a region wide online news outlet—Ouestafnews—in which a corps of independent, investigative journalists report on the stories they care about without being subject to outside pressure. Along with other fellows and leading experts in the media sector, he will participate in a panel discussion on “local news, global affairs” during the DW forum. Other social entrepreneurs and innovative communication architects from the Ashoka network, such as Sengül Akcar from Turkey or Christian de Boisredon from France, will also participate in the forum and share their innovative approaches. While Sengül focuses on the empowerment of mainly rural women through media, Christian’s organization targets a very different group in his aim to build the first global community of leading editors-in-chief. This pioneering community will not only facilitate large-scale content sharing but also wants to increase the frequency with which the masses are in contact with solutions-based stories.

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