Gonzalo Muños


Gonzalo Muños is founder and CEO of TriCiclos, the first Certified B Company in South America. National prize for innovation in the environment (AVONNI) 2011; Environmental character of Chile (MMA) 2012; Social entrepreneur from Chile (Schwab Foundation) 2013; World Economic Forum Social entrepreneur of the year 2015; Global Responsible Leader (BMW Foundation) 2016. Ashoka Fellow since 2011. Entrepreneur Endeavor since 2014. Co founder of SistemaB; BLab board member; Co founder and chairman of Viña Polkura's board. After working in the food sector for some years (Gonzalo was General Manager of some traditional agroindustrial companies in Chile and Argentina), he left the corporate life to create TriCiclos and start the path of social entrepreneurship and B corporates.