Merging Missions - Interview with Fellow Mark Hanis

Ashoka USA Fellow Mark Hanis discusses the high-profile merger between his organization, Genocide Intervention Network, and the Save Darfur Coalition.

One thing that is fairly common in the business world yet extremely rare in the citizen sector is the occurrence of mergers. Indeed, many influential figures in social entrepreneurship are starting to speak out on the need for non-profits to begin to engage in mergers and acquisitions in order to achieve economies of scale, reduce competition for limited pots of funding, and thereby increase their impact and reach.

Although we at Ashoka Peace have not staked out an opinion on the desirability (or not) of mergers, we did note with great interest the recent merger of The Genocide Intervention Network and the Save Darfur Coalition, which together now comprise the world's largest anti-genocide organization. Click here to read about the details of the merger. 

Ashoka Fellow Mark Hanis, who founded The Genocide Intervention Network is now the President of the newly merged, so-far nameless, entity. Recently, Mark sat down with Ashoka to share his thoughts on the merger.

You can read more about the merger here go directly to the video interview here.

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