Partners & Sponsors - 2011 Vienna Summit


 Essl Foundation

The Martin and Gerda Essl Privatstiftung is the foundation behind the Essl Social Prize, one of the leading international awards for social entrepreneurs. The 1 Million Euro prize offers sustainable support and assistance to individuals with pioneering social initiatives. The Essl Social Prize 2010 went to Ashoka founder Bill Drayton last year and enabled Ashoka to accelerate a number of programs designed to take social change to a global level, most prominently the first Ashoka Globalizer program.

Alliance for Global Good 

Alliance for Global Good

 The Alliance for Global Good responds to the world's challenges by connecting donors with smart social investments, effecting change strategically and systematically. Using a matrix of five criteria—innovation, leverage, scalability, collaboration, and sustainability—the Alliance, through Program Partners like Ashoka, identifies and funds promising projects across five global themes: health, poverty, education, the environment, and world relations. 


Bene Office Furniture

Founded in 1790, Bene, is a European company setting trends in office furnishing with its concepts, products and services. Bene’s core product is the “designed office space,” based on the company's innovative production approach, which caters to the client’s specific work processes, corporate culture and identity. For the Ashoka Globalizer 2011 in Vienna, Bene has designed a unique space of furniture, high-tech-tools, and rooms for discussion, in which the event is able to reach its highest potential. 



The Austrian event marketing company Hallamasch provides high-level support for events and is the only Austrian member of IFEA (International Festival & Events Association). Hallamasch has committed to support the Globalizer with its unique skills, applying its expertise in managing events in the field of innovation and creative industries.

Essel Museum

Essl Museum

The Essl Collection was founded by Martin Essl and his wife Agnes and is today Austria’s greatest collection of contemporary art. In 1999, the Essel Museum was established to serve as the collection’s home. The Essl Museum not only runs art exhibitions (with a focus on sculptures and painting), but also hosts concerts and installations of sound. During the Globalizer 2011, it serves as a unique venue for the event’s core day to craft strategies for systemic social change.