PATRI Framework on Scaling Social Impact | Rizwan Tayabali | July 2014

A comprehensive DIY Framework and Guide to help Social Entrepreneurs scale their projects and impact. The Framework helps to scale impact, while maintaining quality and managing risk. It is designed as a step by step flow, with instructions to support each step. At a high level it covers Purpose (Problem Definition, Vision and Targets), Applicability and Viability of your Impact Solution, Transferability and Systematisation for Replication, Organisational and Team Readiness to Scale, and Implementation Planning and Roadmaps for Scaling.

Questions Regarding the Timing of Initiating a Full Scaling Strategy

Sample questions to help you analyze if this is the best time to focus on a concentrated scaling strategy.  There are no set rules, but the questions should help give you a sense on what may require more work  and whether or not you may need to get greater buy-in from your team.

Questions for Developing Scaling Strategy

List of questions geared towards helping to uncover:

• The overall market potential of your ideas – how many people in the world could potentially benefit from it
• How you can get closer to that market potential so your service/product/program can have an impact where it matters
• The appropriate next steps in the journey to get there

Notes on Scaling Strategy categories

Provides a more detailed description of the Scaling Strategy questions